OpenCAD project development for 2019; as the end of the year draws near, we would like to usher in the year 2019 by inviting any developers who would like to contribute their talents to the OpenCAD Project; 2019 will bring in a rewrite of the existing software, so for anyone hoping to volunteer their time to open source, or for any gamers especially, who are also developers, please think about applying on the Get Involved page. The more the merrier, it is often said.
Calling All PHP and Bootstrap Developers!
Not only will having more developers allow us to produce features and fix bugs more rapidly, but it will give a chance for those seeking a position here to enhance their skills, and, perhaps, aspire to something entirely new. We are looking for those proficient with PHP as well as SQL, in particular. The idea is to have a full development team, and the more people we have, the larger the project will get. The existing code was taken over from a previous developer, and while it’s served a great purpose so far, and there are lots of communities using it, the time has come in which the only way to iron out all of the possible bugs, as well as to clean things up while also changing the visual presentation, is to rewrite it. The rewrite will be using Bootstrap, ideally Bootstrap 4 when it arrives, but until then, we work with what we have. Anyone versed in Bootstrap will be especially welcome, as well; we could use a lot of expertise in that department; coders, as well as web designers. So, please send in those applications. we look forward to future communications.
Overall, we sincerely hope that OpenCAD Project development for 2019 will bring in a lot of new people, as well as many new possibilities and directions. We want to see more communities springing up that use it, as well as more ideas from the wider gamer public. Shoot us your ideas on Twitter @StormlightTech, as well, for we would love to hear from you and your ideas on what you would like to see for the community. Another place you could reach the OpenCAD supervisors will be the @OpenCADProject account.



We would like to welcome everyone, both present and future to one of the most diverse technical communities around; our topics of discussion range from development to administration, and a little of everything in between. Come in, say hi, and most of all, ask questions. But even more importantly, have fun, and do enjoy your stay. Remember, this is where open source happens.